From the album When I Was A Child

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There’s broken homes and rundown streets
Beyond the shadows were light won’t reach
Where the pimps and the pushers cling together for heat
Down the dark alleys, picking over dreams
And I swear to God there are ghosts in this town
I see them walking around with their heads hung down
And I mean to tell you they are barely alive
But it wasn’t like that when I was a child

I saw a man work a job for twenty three years
Who always paid his bills but he lives in here
He says sooner or later that axe will fall
I’m telling you son, I’ve seen this all before
Because they take and they take and it wears you down
But this time I’m going to stand my ground
He clinched his fist and he said with a sigh
I won’t let them break me like when I was a child

She stumbles in the darkness and puts her key in the door
Two part time jobs and she’s a full time mum
She crawls up the stairs to her kid that is asleep
And she will be gone in the morning before he wakes
So she sits at the table with her wedding ring
And all the promises from a man that never meant a damn thing
So she calls up her mum and says “Mum, I’m so tired”
Was it this hard for you when I was a child.