23rd Sept Courtroom Cafe

I was originally planning to do these all separately but it involved too many late nights and too many sugar highs 
and sugar crashes that it all ran together a little bit. On Friday I hosted down at the magnificent Courtroom cafe for their open mic. We had a great array of talent playing all night. I do mean all night because it was still going strong after I left at 2am.I opened the night up the night with a couple of songs by myself and then finished that portion of the night off with the Like. In between we had so much good stuff. A particular highlight for me was hearing C-90 play. I thought he was fantastic with his loop pedals and am glad we got that recorded because he sounded great. I also had the pleasure of hearing the two sides to Futurejack with an acoustic set on Friday then an electric storming session the next night. I had not seen this iteration of the band before and they blew me away. Dirty, loud rock music and all the things I love.  

Ghost Town Blues 
Learning to Live 
When I was A Child 

With The Like 
Walk Home 
Thought I'd Have Learnt 
I know we played something else as well but I cannot remember now 

I have uploaded a version of Thought I'd have learnt that we recorded from this set as well. All in all it was good craic. Thanks to Catherine, Alicia and everybody who played. The Courtroom Cafe is a kick ass venue and hopefully we can do it all again soon.

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