10th November - The Studio, Widnes


Wonderful trip to Widnes in a lovely venue that you should definitely check out if you are in the area called The Studio. They also do work helping people back to employment. If the sound guy was any more sound he would have to work in a hospital. He was ultra sound. The organisers and the staff were so accommodating even when I showed up really early asking for a cup of tea. Thanks to Louise for having us on at The Studio and keep up the great work! 

I got to do a little roadie work with swapping out leads and switching guitars for one of the acts. Our headliners were Dawn and the Embers and if you have not heard them play you really should. Great band and I promise I am not just saying that because I managed to get a lift home from Dawn. Hopefully when you see them Dawn has not had a recent run-in with a hoover which may have impacted her guitar playing.  They are working on an EP at the moment and that will be worth getting into your ears when it comes out. 

I was joined by Declan and Claire for this one. Claire had played The Studio a few weeks back and we were really glad she joined us for this. We even practiced and worked on harmonies and everything….although we ended up not playing that song. Typical. 

Thought I’d have learned 

Let the Music Play On 

Hometown Boy 

This Far At All 

Streets Of Belfast 

Long Way Home

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