Waiting On The Flood Artwork

Hi All 

Our new single is out next Friday (21st July) and I thought now would be a good time to share the artwork with you and give you a little preview of the song. Once again the artwork has been painted by the incredibly talented Claire Smith and I think it looks great and suits the song perfectly. She paints so many that we normally have quite a few different canvases to choose from. I debated whether or not to put the song title or the band name on the front but I am not smart enough to do that without ruining the image so I left it as it is.

We have been playing this song for around the last year or so and I was not sure how to record it. I thought it might work as a bluegrass kind of song but I could not get it to sound right. Anyway I am very happy at how this turned out in the end. This is probably my favourite bit of bass playing from Declan on any of our stuff. I think it is because it is a bit of a bouncier song than usual and even with my best distraction techniques he still nailed it one take if memory serves me well.

It is also one of the rare occasions that I can remember playing this out for the first time. It was in the courtroom cafe in Liverpool and for some reason I was playing by myself but the Like were still there. Once I finished my set their feedback was how I had managed to rip off both The Weight by the Band and Hey,Hey My,My by Neil Young in one song. I can tell you now that the chorus was originally a lot more wordy when I began the song but got shortened and now I have no memory of what it used to be. 

Waiting On the Flood is available digitally from 21st July

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