Videos and Path Unknown

Hi All

We have just added a new 
video section to the website. I am hoping to update this every week or two with songs and such like. So far we have a version of South out of town up there and a live version of streets of Belfast from Path Unknown single launch which was a great night of banter.

Speaking of which there was some fantastic music on stage that night and i'm happy we got to be part of it. Path Unknown were simply brilliant. I have seen Ben Jones play in various forms and on his own over the years but this was the first time I got the full path unknown experience. Such a talented band.The funny thing is i probably new more of the words for their songs than I do for my own!The only downside to their set was that it ended. I could have listened to another 5 or 6 songs at least. well done Ben Jones for putting on such a special night of music and I will wear my path unknown t-shirt with pride. I also picked up a copy of their single as well which you can get yourself on amazon. While you are at it you might as well pick up Ghost Town Blues as well.


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