Hi All

We have a couple of exciting things coming up over the summer here. To get the ball rolling we have updated the site and made it a bit more colourful. Let us know what you think of the new look. There are a couple of new features on the way as well. While you are here though, head over to the podcast section and have a listen to some great bands and a bit of a ramble. There is a sneaky wee track of ours stuck on the end to mark the year release of Ghost Town Blues but before that you can listen to great bands such as. 

Southbound attic Band
The Narratones
The Big I Am

If you want to be featured on the podcast get in touch as we are always looking for new bands to feature. Easiest way to get in touch is on the Contact page. We make it really easy for you

Our next gig will also be Declan's first on bass and will be supporting Path Unknown at the Lomax on the 4th July. Ben, from Path Unknown, plays football with ourselves on a Tuesday night from time to time, faces an uphill battle to be standing for this gig after badly messing up his ankle during last night's game. I think he is on the mend and should be ok but I am happy to report however that neither myself nor any member of the Like were involved!

I hope to see you all down at the Lomax on the 4th July as part of Path Unknown's single launch.

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