The Spotify Debate

A lot of stuff has been written recently about Spotify and whether or not people should have music on it. From multi-million pound artists to the likes of me who will settle for a couple of packets of crisps and a fiver every now and again (sometimes I don't even need the crisps, but a cup of tea would be nice) - from my experience as a fan of music, I have come across and listened to hundreds of bands and artists I would not have been able to listen to previously. The music would still have been there but I would not have been so willing to throw down cash on the off-chance that an album would be worth it. This has led to me down some dark paths where I have started off listening to hip-hop and 2 hours later I am bluegrassing my way through the night. Granted, I could have done this with CDs or iTunes but I would have only caught the top end of the genres - the most played artists rarely translates into "the most well-liked by Gary" artists. Spotify has allowed me to go out and do this. 
From a musician's perspective Spotify has meant that people are more willing to share the music they listen to on Twitter or Facebook. From my experience, particularly on Facebook, I am more willing to click on a link to listen to something on Spotify than on an Itunes link or a link to a website to buy the album. This has also come up quite a few times for Ghost Town Blues on Facebook and we always appreciate the share. The same is through for YouTube though, where people are willing to get their music from YouTube and are quite happy to share but the kick-back for that is zero. This is why it is always important to include links on where to buy stuff in your YouTube description!! 
The breakdown of who has been listening to Ghost Town Blues on Spotify has shown up on the countries that visit this very website as well. With a name like Maginnis you are very unlikely to stumble across me on the internet unless you go looking. Thanks to Spotify, I get the odd email or Facebook message from someone in Germany telling me that they enjoyed listening to my songs and have recommended me to their friends. That is always a kick ass message to get.
Truth be told I would love to make more money off of the number of streams - anyone would. Very few people that I know think they get paid what they deserve for anything and the customer is mostly going to go with what suits them best cash-wise.  But Spotify has been a massive help in getting people to listen to my stuff: some of this has turned into album sales, some has turned into nice messages of support, and some of it has earned me that there $0.007 (which is still more than YouTube, Sound Cloud and Myspace combined).
I genuinely do not care where you listen to Ghost Town Blues, just give it a spin. The more places you have a chance to hear it, the better for the artist and for the music lover. 

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