Ramble update

Normally I would have this under setlists but its just 
been so busy that I cannot remember what we played. 
It has been a fun few weeks over here again. We were back out and about playing 
as a band, playing regularly enough again. Greedy Jesus had us on down at Old Roan which was a quiet night but well worth it to hear Billy Kelly again playing by the time I get to Bootle.It was also my first time hearing Hegarty who are a three piece band that I am looking to hear more from. We played a nice wee set and think our Decky is finding his groove on bass. 

After this we then played the Lomax again as part of their all day Pride line-up. I got to see Andrew Graham Powell and Shannen Bamford's band The Stray Wolf Club play before our set on the upstairs stage. They have a song called gold rush which you can hear on youtube. Big Springsteeny sound to it. Downstairs I got to hear Alister Said in full swing which is always fun. We whipped out a song we have never played with bass in Waves Will Break and also played all along the watch tower again. After we played I Thomas Benson got up and showed a lot of people how to play guitar. As always it was a great night down at the Lomax.

After this we played the Bombed out church in what was a fantastic day of entertainment. Everyone involved did a cracking job because the place looked beautiful and the atmosphere was tremendous all day. Billy 
Kelly did a great job 
hosting in what seemed like a stressful wee set up. Michael Bennett played Red Dress which got stuck in my head all the way through to Wednesday. The gig was Sunday. We also got to hear Shoes for Breaks again. Look them up, you will like it. Adrian Wharton also took some top class pictures that I will share with you if Adrian allows. He made us and everyone else look really cool.

2 days later I packed my bags and headed North to Inverness bringing my guitar with me. I wish I could remember their names because I got to play along with three really talented musicians and I had no clue what was going on. I couldnt even tell you what songs I was playing but I had a smile on my face the whole time. 


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