Newry 30th Jan- Amplified Dublin 1st Feb

 It was an early start Friday morning with me running about trying to make sure I had picked everything. Capos can be tricky to find at the best of times but it is even harder if you have already packed it and you are searching the rest of the house looking for it I have not spent that much time in Newry in 10 years. My memory of Newry is not as strong as it really should be considering the amount of days I spent after school wandering around. We were playing at a new-ish place for Newry called Amplified, which is above the Phoenix Bar and used to be the Tall Man. Side note my da put the window railings up in that place when it was still a Chinese restaurant. I was there as well, I'd say I helped but I cannot remember if I really did or just messed about (probably the latter) Nicola is doing a cracking job in Amplified and if you have not yet been you really should go. A lot of live music and they have a tremendous setup. Titus Waldenfells is playing there in March so there is a good excuse to go.

Thanks to Adam and Pete for playing as well. I used to be in a band with Pete. I think we played one gig and I am not sure if we even had a name. It was great to see so many people come out and listen to us ramble on. So many folks I had not seen in such a long time and it makes you feel really damn old when you see someone you haven't seen in years but it is always fun to catch up again. Dan Rua who was in a band with me way back in the day got up and played with us on a cover of Rockin' in The Free world to make it feel even more like old times. We used to play together in a covers band called Stone Carpenter when we belted out a song or two around the corner at the Magnet with all the other slayer wobblies back in the day (I am not sure if I can still speak Newry) So big thanks to all the friends and family who came along.

Anywho we played for around 90 minutes and enjoyed every second of it. Normally I would post a set list on the site as well but alas I was not keeping track. All I know is we finished each set on a cover. A highlight for me was Claire trying to fix the harmonica rack and having no idea what she was doing, just to have it fall straight back down again. But truth be told I don't think we have ever had as much fun playing these songs as we did on Friday night. Hopefully we can do it again soon. Thanks Amplified for having us and everyone that came down.
I think we all agree that even in your late twenties it is hard to beat gig that you end up getting a lift home with your folks after it and end up drinking tea and eating toast.Rock and or roll all night and part of every day

After this we all went our separate ways with the Like heading back to Liverpool and I headed South on the Sunday to Dublin with the wife. I have never played in Dublin before and the quality of music the Apollo sessions had on Sunday night at the Bleeding horse was fantastic. It is a free entry open mic that takes place every Sunday from 8-ish and you really should go. So with the superbowl on as a backdrop I played a quick wee three song set and settled in to listen to a great night of music.  I heard a band called Lucky Bones play Icarus. It is probably one of the finest songs I have heard anyone play. They have an EP coming out in a few weeks but you can hear that song on Youtube if you look it up. I met a lad from Cork and got a copy of his EP and we had a great craic about music and turns out he knew songs by all of the people I listen to so you should give Brian Lalor a spin as well. The last song on his EP is a good one. Hopefully we can get to next time and do this all again. Thanks everyone who came out to see us.  

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