New Song- I Thought I'd Have Learned

Hi All

Welcome to 2015. We are still giving away Ghost Town Blues for another couple of days yet saying as we are nice that way so head over to the music page there in a wee minute and download that for free.

I have just finished recorded a song I has been kicking around my head for a few months called "I thought I'd 
Have Learned" It has been played out a couple of times but it was not one I was too comfortable with and I didn't think I was playing it right.

This is hard to explain but sometimes when you write a song it can take a few weeks/months to actually really learn how to play it. You will know the chords and the lyrics but it takes a little of time to get to know it. Sometimes during this process I will give up on a song and it will get cast aside for a few years (much to the annoyance of the band because they will have written parts to it) Sometimes they don;t come back at all, and sometimes when you pick up the guitar it is the only thing you can play and it frustrates you so much that you either have to work it out or just leave the guitar alone until the song goes away.

For me, this has been one of those kinds of songs and I still think I am trying to get to know it. But, I think it is one that is worth persisting with. I have about 10 or 12 versions of this song knocking about on my computer played different ways and on different instruments but it never felt right.

So tonight, I sat down with it for about an hour or so with Lana (the cat) rustling about between the leads and tried to record a version I could share.

Hope you like it


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