New Single - This Far At All

We have a new single available digitally from the 14th August called This Far At All so I thought I would share a wee bit about it before it comes out.

I started writing this song in February of 2015. It was one of those songs where the music and the first verse came instantly when I picked up the guitar. After that it took a couple more weeks to finish up. We have another song that may come out in the near future that uses the exact same chords that I started working on instead before coming back to finish This far at all. When I finished it I was concerned that it might be too personal to play out so changed a few phrases here and there to make into a song about a break-up. It didn't feel right and we are back to the song we have here.

We had tried to record this song a bunch of times but it never seemed to come out right but I think this version works really well. It is a quieter song and I think Claire's vocals add a lot to it. Speaking of Claire, she also put together the artwork for this and I think she has come up with a great interpretation of the song. I had no idea what the artwork should be for this one so Claire came up with this and it turns out it is what I wanted, I just did not know it.

The single will be available on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and from our website from the 14th August.

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