More Than Kind

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So it has been a while since we shared some new music and this is a bit of a quieter one with just me playing on it. I wrote this song after thinking about all the great people I have met and friends I have made from playing music particularly in Liverpool. So many people have made me feel welcome and at home here that I thought I would write a wee song about it. We used to run an open mic night down at the Lomax in Liverpool and before and after each night we would sit around a table and play each other’s songs. There were many of nights where we would be well into a song before anyone had the chance to introduce themselves, nevermind say hello. This has happened at many other venues places over the years where the staff have to kick us out at closing. It just so happens that Frank down at the Lomax wouldn’t kick you out but would come over and join in as well for a song or two so there is a little reference to him in there. Normally I can be one of the worst in the world for negativity but when I step back and think about it, I have met some amazing people over the years that am still lucky to call friends today. 



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