Hometown Boy Video

Just added a video of Hometown Boy played on my wee 6 string banjo-guitar. This is a different version than the on you can find on the Ghost Town Blues EP so give it a spin (or both) As far as I know it is the only song that has Islandmoyle as part of the chorus though I could be wrong about that. If I am please share any Islandmoyle songs as I want to hear them! One of the few things I have hung up on my house is a certificate my Grandmother got for music in 1943. I didnt even know it existed until after she died and it got passed onto me. The picture of my grandad is one that I am not sure where it is hung but its about somewhere of him walking about up at his old house smoking a pipe. Thought those two deserved a happy song. 

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  • Susan

    Susan Islandmoyle

    Lovely tribute to both of them. Thanks GaryXX

    Lovely tribute to both of them. Thanks GaryXX

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