Guiding Light background

Guiding Light came out a few weeks ago and I thought we would give you a little bit of background on the song. (available on the music page)

Declan - I originally had this idea for Guiding Light as I was walking home from Gary's house. It was hammering down as I passed by the Liverpool docks. At the time I was unemployed for a couple months and having some financial difficulties. To say I wasn't in the healthiest frame of mind would be a bit of an understatement. 

The song began forming during the trip home and when I got back, I started putting those words to paper. I had to get back up out of bed and finish it. It was one of those songs that just would not let me sleep until it was done. 

Guiding Light, for me, is a song about desperation. About seeing no way out of a situation and the only thing you have is hope, even if it's false.

Shane- One of my favourite experiences playing in this wee band of ours was playing this one night and having the audience singing the "oh ohs" at the end of the song. Gary has done a great job producing this track. It is much more complicated than our usual stuff. It's one of our oldest songs and it's been really interesting to see it evolve.

Gary - This is the first song of Declan's we have out since Blood. Another song of his that makes me wonder how many songs he has. I don't think we have had a recent song out of him recently. This is an older song that over the years we would play and then it would disappear and reappear. We have tried to record a number of times but it never sounded right. I think we got it right on this version. I have so much fun playing this with the band because we normally let it turn into a bit of a bouncy jam and because we are so comfortable playing it we can take it in a few different directions and we can add things in every now and again to try and throw the lads off. I think Claire's artwork is perfect and was blown away when she handed it to me. Claire also adds a lot to the song in the vocals so you do not have to listen to me the whole time.

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