Ghost Town Blues Tracks- The Way I'm Thinkin'

Gary- I have no idea when this song was written or what started it off. I know I can hear a big Kevin Welch influence on the music when we play it out sometimes. I think this one has some of Declan's nices guitar parts. It keeps the tune carrying along nicely. It was recorded on a very snowy Friday evening if I recall correctly after failing to record the song ghost town blues.. The song is about working a dead end job in a town people only stop in to get enough petrol to get away from. When we started ghost town blues I always thought this one should open up the album and it does. I think it sets the mood nicely

Shane- Definitely the best 3 guitar track we have. It can be tricky writing 3 parts & balancing itGary carries the tune, I'm on the main riffs and what Decky does under the verse is class

Declan-This is one of my favourite songs to play as a band. As is generally the way of things, Gary brought a song to Shane and myself and asked us did we have anything for it. The parts came together surprisingly quickly and it's probably the most 'complete' we sound as a band on the record.


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