Ghost Town Blues- Streets of Belfast 

The last of our track by track run through of Ghost Town Blues. I have lost Declan's notes for this one so I will just go with myself and Shane's.

Gary- I think this was the last song we finished for Ghost Town Blues. This is probably the hardest song to explain on the album. It is easily the longest as well. It started after listening to someone rant on about their one sided view of Northern Ireland and how everyone had to take a side. What I have found is that most people just want to get on with things to the best of their ability and there is not enough songs about that. The finest of these songs that I have come across is of course, there were roses. This song was written in 2 different stages and took the longest to complete. It almost didnt get finished because I wasnt sure how I wanted the story to go.  I really had a hard time writing the last verse until the "sirens drowned out the churchbells" line started the song rolling again. I love playing this song out when the room is right for it and it takes on a different tone when we play it as a band now. Once again thanks to Claire for adding her voice to it.

Shane- Gary on this one as well as Claire off of who also did the artwork on backing vox. I hadn't found my place on this song at the time of recording, but now I have & it gives me chills playing this live.

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