Ghost Town Blues- Long Way Home 

Shane- I love when Gary comes to me & Decky with a new song, and we work through it for a while finding our parts. Some songs are loose and improv'd but this one took real work & structure. By far my best on this album & a fantastically written song.

Gary- I think this is one of the "live" songs on the EP. Shane took his time coming up with a cracking guitar part for this song. It was written about a combination of people I know. It was written a couple of weeks after Declan first played Blood to me so it is sort of a response to that song as well. It is also one of the songs which had 2 lines that I went back and forth with the last line of the last verse so give it a listen and if you dont like that line, it probably wasn't as good as the other one. If you do like that line, the other one sounded stupid.


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