Ghost Town Blues- I'm A Son

Gary- A wee song about running not wanting to grow up, then getting yourself into worse circumstances and trying to avoid fighting whilst at war. I think I had re-read Catch 22 for the third time before writing this song. It is also the only complete song I have written on the mandolin and recorded really early on. The first couple of mixes had a lot more mandolin on it as well. Also that is a six string banjo in open G tuning. 

Declan-This was one of our older songs as a band that managed to survive where others were cut as it's one of our more up tempo songs, even if lyrically it's not too happy. I mean it's by no means a sad song, but we're not exactly full to the brim with foot-stampers.

Shane- I won't lie, I've never been the biggest fan of playing on this song. I like it & its one of the more popular songs we have. I struggle to find my place on it. Gary & Decky nail it though & I like what it's about.

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