Ghost Town Blues gets out and about

Hi All

Ghost Town Blues has been out for 5 months now and we are starting to get some numbers back for plays and sales from around the world. The number of different places that have (be it by accident or otherwise) listened to our wee EP has been really interesting to see come back in and if you have listened to it please leave a comment below letting us know where you are and what you think!
Germany UK
USA Austria
Australia Belgium
Denmark Switzerland
Spain France
Hong Kong Italy
Mexico Netherlands
Norway New Zealand
Poland Portugal
Sweden Singapore

The most plays so far have been from the USA so try and keep up Singapore!  If you have not heard it yet you can find it on spotify; Itunes and Amazon as well as other online stores. You can purchase the CD direct from the website and also from ourselves at gigs.

Thanks everyone for listening & keep sharing

Gary Maginnis & The Like


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