Ghost Town Blues- Blood

 Declan-This is my only solo song on the album so I really wanted to nail it. This took about 6 or 7 tries to record and I was getting more frustrated as each take kept falling apart. It's a very personal song and at the time I was feeling a hell of a lot of anger and hopelessness at what was seemingly a lost cause. Thankfully, things have changed but this song will always be a timestamp for that bit of a my life.

Shane- Our Decky isn't the most prolific of song writers but the few he has are quality. He Nailed the recording of this. I remember lying on the sofa as I recorded it thinking how well he'd found his voice. Guitar work is all him.

Gary- Declan wrote a couple of songs I really wanted on the album. Hard Times is still lying about somewhere.This one here I remember hearing for the first time and thinking I didnt know Decky had such a song in him. The story is one I think most people can relate to and some stage in their lives. We toyed with the idea of a few extra instruments in places but the song is strong enough to stand on its own two feet. It took a lot of takes but it was worth it in the end

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