3rd Jan- The Atkinson - Southport

What a lovely night over at the Atkinson in the company of Grateful Fred. A gig that was so last minute that we did not even have time to for the Like to assemble. For the first gig of the year to be in this venue is a good way to kick off 2018. But before we get to the fun of onstage we have to get to the venue. For those who are organised this will probably seem like nothing but for me, trying to get out the door was probably the hardest part of the whole night. Trying to get my guitar, gig bag, the baby, the pram and the changing bag down from the third floor was like some sort of military exercise that I did not if I was going to survive, but with relatively few tears we made and we were on our way. The baby was not going to the gig by the way. I am not having him upstage me! 

I got to the Atkinson while soundcheck was ongoing for Hannah Johnson and straight away knew it was going to be a fun night. A full on country band that sounded perfect to me. They play a mixture of originals and country standards. I believe they have played with Grateful Fred’s quite a few times and are the sort of band that look like they enjoy playing together which makes all the difference. 

But before we get to Hannah Johnson’s band we had an absolutely beautiful set for Rachel Jean Harris who seems to just continually up her game every time I see her play am if you have yet to see her play you are seriously missing out. She has an EP coming out in 2018 I believe and if it is as good as the live performances you are in for a treat. 

So we had a couple of groans for some bad puns about pick-pocketing but I stand by that joke. If those there did not find it funny that is not my fault! It is always nice to play in the Atkinson and the audience is so supportive (aside from their questionable response to fantastic puns) but we had a nice sing along to end my set. Thanks to Colin for thinking of me and having me down to play. Hopefully we can do it again soon. 

Streets of Belfast 
Hometown Boy 
Way I'm thinking 
Thought I’d have learnt 
This far at all 
Guiding light

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