21st January 2017- The Brink, Liverpool

It had been a very long time since I played at the world famous brink stage. We are probably going back a couple of years now at least so it was great to be able to play here again. I managed to squeeze onto the bill because the band Derek in mind (the fantastic Mondegreen) were not able to play. So a few days before I warmed up and got ready to be subbed on. As I mentioned it was Derek King hosting the day and as always he delivered some great songs to kick it all off. He also hosts the Liverpool acoustic open mic at the Courtroom Cafe every Tuesday. You should all go there  

This was followed by David Barnicle who has a new EP out at the minute so you should give that a spin. I was also absolutely blown away by Alice Laybone and in particular her newest song which I think was having its first outting. It was phenomenal and because I have the memory of a goldfish and it has been a few weeks I cannot remember the name of it. Truth be told I really enjoyed everyone who played that day.  

Somewhere in between all of this I played a quick 4 song set myself and had a great time doing it  

Let The Music Play On  
Thought I'd Have Learnt  
Faces & Names  
Guiding Light  

Most importantly for me I got the chance to speak to Ian Hall who is a great poet but an even better person just to sit down and have a craic with. I learnt about what David Bowie stuff to try although I am still not convinced it's my cup of tea as well as a few phrases in Cornish. He was also kind enough to write a review of my wee set and made me sound like I know what I am doing.  

Thanks Ian and thanks to the brink for putting on a great day of music open to all ages. Thanks also to Derek King for thinking of me after hundreds of other acts were unavailable! 

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