Waiting On The Flood

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It rained for most of last night 
now the road looks like a river 
I’ve been living out here for so long 
I should have seen this coming 
She said she was leaving me 
This time it was for good 
Now as the water is rising 
I’m waiting on the flood 

Hey,Hey My, my I think she’s gone for good this time 
My, My, Hey, Hey, The river burst its banks again 

Living in the lowland 
The crops grow pretty good 
She told me that she loved me 
When I thought no one ever could 
I know there is a part of her 
yearning for the city lights 
But the first time I knew we were in trouble 
Was when the water started to rise 

I’m tired of picking up the pieces after they get washed away 
The sun is breaking on the horizon but all she sees is rain 
All you see is the rain        

So pack your bags and put on your boots 
The ground is looking a bit rough 
I know we gave it all we had 
But sometimes that’s not enough 
You can leave me here, My conscious is clear 
And I believe I’d rather drown 
Than pack up everything I own 
And move into some town

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