Thought I'd Have Learned

There’s a man in the mirror 
who won't look me in the eye 
And the face as I see before me 
Is one I don’t recognise 
So wake me up come the midday sun 
I haven’t slept tonight and now the night is almost gone 
If the sun comes up I need it to shine 
And I thought I’d have learned how to live with this by now 

With the world at your feet 
It slowly climbs up your back 
And every time I turn around 
I lose more ground I don’t take back 
I need these clouds to break, I need a port in this storm 
Because I’ve been drifting for so long now 
it seems like its all I ever done 
So let the water rise, I don't care Just let me drown 
And I thought I'd have learned how to live with this by now

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