Couple of Updates

Things have been a bit quiet lately over here. We are booking more gigs heading into the summer months so keep an eye on the gigs page. In fact I have just added a few more dates for April. Also…

Writers Block Podcast

As some of you know already we host a little shindig on the site here called the writers block podcast. We play 5 songs from 5 acts every 2 weeks or so from Liverpool and around the world. We are…

Ghost Town Blues gets out and about

Hi All

Ghost Town Blues has been out for 5 months now and we are starting to get some numbers back for plays and sales from around the world. The number of different places that have (be it by accident…

Ghost Town Blues- Streets of Belfast 

The last of our track by track run through of Ghost Town Blues. I have lost Declan's notes for this one so I will just go with myself and Shane's.

Gary- I think this was the last song we finished…

Ghost Town Blues- Long Way Home 

Shane- I love when Gary comes to me & Decky with a new song, and we work through it for a while finding our parts. Some songs are loose and improv'd but this one took real work & structure. By…

Ghost Town Blues- Faces & Names 

Shane- this is classic Gary. Great story told through song & someone usually dies

Declan- This is a song that made it onto the album because a few of the songs we normally play live were just not working as…

Ghost Town Blues- I'm A Son

Gary- A wee song about running not wanting to grow up, then getting yourself into worse circumstances and trying to avoid fighting whilst at war. I think I had re-read Catch 22 for the third time before writing this song…

Ghost Town Blues- Blood

 Declan-This is my only solo song on the album so I really wanted to nail it. This took about 6 or 7 tries to record and I was getting more frustrated as each take kept falling apart. It's a very…

Ghost Town Blues - Hometown Boy

Gary- I think it was one of the first recordings we had for Ghost Town Blues and if i remember correctly I kept messing up the recording of it and the version we have here was a "last chance" from…

Ghost Town Blues Tracks- The Way I'm Thinkin'

Gary- I have no idea when this song was written or what started it off. I know I can hear a big Kevin Welch influence on the music when we play it out sometimes. I think this one has some…

Ghost Town Blues Out Now

 host Town Blues
Release Date 3rd June 2013

Ghost Town Blues is a collection of songs focusing on what is happening in the world today was recorded throughout the later portion of 2012 and early 2013. The songs…