Stephen McElroy Appreciation and Remembrance Team. 

Last year we lost a wee fella who was only making his way in the world. Stephen McElroy was a cousin of mine who passed away at 11 with his whole life ahead of him. I didn’t know Stephen that well. I moved to Liverpool he was 1 and would only see him at family events. Any time i spent with Stephen he was always happy and up for a game of football. He was (almost) better than me. As talented as he was i will argue that the 2 or 3 times he rounded me with a ball at his feet were a fluke. His family  have set up the charity SmartNI to remember Stephen by raising money to build a football pitch and Stephen’s primary school as well as for Cruse Bereavement Care, who offer free counselling and support to families who have lost someone. 

Black Jeans & Cigarette Smoke 

We are hoping to help raise a bit of money by putting out this song and all money made will go to SMART NI. The song was written about Stephen’s uncle who passed away in 2013. It seems like a nice fit to use the song about his uncle to raise money for Stephen’s charity and keep our Seamus’ memory alive at the same time. There will be two versions of Black Jeans, an electric version with the band and acoustic version recorded just by myself. Both will be available to download or stream from Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and google play as well as the other usual places. It is available on our music page  for download with a pay as much as you like option with a minimum amount of £2.00 for both songs. All money raised will go to SMART NI.  So get involved, If you are going to use Spotify to give it a listen then leave it streaming all day. Either way give it a listen and raise some money for a very worthwhile cause.

Keep her Lit 


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