New Video- Rex's Blues Cover

It is not very often I play covers. I can barely remember my own songs never mind anyone else's but every time I have picked up the guitar the past couple of days this song is all that seems to come out straight away. I first started listening to Townes Van Zandt about 10 years ago and got into his music the same way I am sure a lot of others did, through hearing Steve Earle talk about him. If you do not have Live at the Old Quarter or have not heard it somewhere you should go pick it up. Whilst you are at it, get Ghost Town Blues as well. Pancho and Lefty is and obvious cracker, but my favourite Townes song is Marie. Every word of it is perfect and with Townes singing it you cannot help but believe every word of it "In my heart I know it's a baby boy, I hope he dont end up like me." I get chills just thinking about that song. However the video here is a cover of Rex's Blues. This is one of the first songs that ever stuck out to me listening to Townes and I could tell you exactly what I was doing the first time I heard it. I can barely remember what I had for dinner but I can tell you that 10 years ago I was just about to get off the bus out at Liverpool Hope and this came on my wee mp3 player (Kids, It was kind of like phones that only let you play  music) I love how the words sort of just roll around in the song over the top of this simple little guitar part. I play it a little differently than Townes but I hope you like it. 

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