18th May -Sound, Duke Street

After quickly running across town from yoga to get to Sound, we had a great night of banter, Cups of tea and hot chocolate. It was the first time I have seen Stuart Todd play with the band. I really enjoyed hearing the bass player on them songs. Great sets as well from Jamie Clague who is very energetic and plays a very pretty guitar. Great to hear Cal Ruddy again who is taller than I remembered. First time I heard Pete King as well. Derek King puts on a great night. It is every Monday night and there is open mic as well so get down there.

I think this is the third time we have played as a full band this year. I wanted to try playing newer songs and songs we dont normally play. This would usually mean the songs either trip us up or there is a reason we dont play them but they worked a treat for the most part on Monday night. Now we just have to get out and playing a bit more and keep at it.

Black Jeans & Cigarette Smoke
I thought I'd have learned
This far at all
Let the Music Play On
Taking no hurt
Guiding Light

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