Born and raised in the Irish countryside, and now living in an English city, Gary Maginnis combines these backgrounds with his experiences and observations to craft songs and stories that are both emotive and personable. As well as these experiences Gary draws from a wide range of influences across a number of genres such as blues, folk, country and Irish traditional music to create the unique blend that is Gary Maginnis & The Like.

"The goal in writing songs is to make the listener think "I know that guy" and sometimes "I am that guy!"

Gary moved to Liverpool in 2005 and has been playing in venues across the North West ever since as either a solo act or with his band The Like. In 2007 one of Gary's early songs, Light Up The Night, was included on Neil Young's Living With War Today website's "Songs of our Times". Gary started playing with Shane Sweeney on lead guitar in 2010. The pair learned to play together through weekly sets at the Jacaranda in Liverpool. The following year they were joined by Decky Sands on both guitar and banjo.

"Over the years I have picked up a few stragglers here and there to put together this wee band."

In 2012 Gary released
Follow The Street Lights, his first EP , with a follow up due in 2013 containing songs written by both Gary and Decky Sands. From playing at weddings, headlining acoustic shows and opening for national and international touring bands, Gary Maginnis & The Like will keep on playing wherever people will have them.

"As long as we're playing somewhere, we're happy, sure we'd just be playing about the house otherwise."